This pandemic has underscored how critical the trucking industry and drivers are to the well-being of America. We are thankful to you and proud of you.

July 28, 2022 — Olympia Washington

The NORPASS Board of Directors recently approved associate memberships for the trucking industry that includes state trucking associations and business members of the trucking industry.  The first four new associates are Washington State Trucking Associations (WTA), the Indiana Trucking Association, International Road Dynamics (IRD), and Drivewyze Inc. NORPASS (North American Preclearance and Safety System) is a not-for-profit organization formed from a partnership between state agencies and the North American trucking industry.

Anne Ford, NORPASS Executive Director, welcomed the latest members and stated that they were a valuable addition to the organization.  She went on to say that both the trucking industry and NORPASS will benefit from the new members who bring another perspective to the organization.

Additional information about associate memberships is available from

NORPASS, Inc. Executive Director Anne Ford
(360) 339 2071   •   Anne@NORPASS.org
PO Box 4247
Tumwater, WA 98501

To avoid stopping at weigh stations call 1-888-877-8567

NORPASS is a partnership of state and provincial agencies and representatives of the motor carrier industry. The NORPASS Board of Directors are committed to providing outreach and education to the trucking industry by attending national, regional, and state events to promote increased safety, productivity, and efficiency of commercial vehicle operation through use of interoperable roadside systems.