North American Preclearance and Safety System


NORPASS is not a data collection system.  The NORPASS partners are committed to promoting safe and efficient trucking though out North America.  Through the combination of mainline screening devices and compatible transponders, participating safe and legal commercial vehicles are allowed to bypass specific weigh stations allowing enforcement to concentrate its efforts on high-risk carriers.

Participation in NORPASS is voluntary.  The only cost to the carrier is the charge for the transponder.  There are no monthly or annual fees.


  • Promote interoperability across jurisdictional lines (transparent borders)
  • Provides a forum where jurisdictions can work together to address common issues related to electronic screening
  • Provides encouragement and assistance to jurisdictions that are beginning to implement electronic screening

NORPASS Benefits

  • Increased efficiency of the enforcement process
  • Save the trucking industry time and money

NORPASS Philosophy and Business Model

  • No Fees for Motor Carrier participation
  • Voluntary Participation
  • Carriers own the transponder
  • Transponder can be enrolled in any other electronic bypass system